Monsia Pro Cleanse – Pore Cleansing and Blackhead Remover Vacuum
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Monsia Pro Cleanse – Pore Cleansing and Blackhead Remover Vacuum

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Hydration Facial Pore Cleansing Tool with Blue LED

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Unveil the secrets of your skin with Monsia Pro Cleanse Blackhead Remover Vacuum, your ultimate solution for a powerful deep pore cleansing experience. Our state-of-the-art facial treatment and pore cleanser tool is expertly designed to dive deep into your pores, efficiently unclogging them, exfoliating dead skin, and sweeping away debris and excess oil in a single session.

Imagine a vortex vacuum tailored for your pores; the Monsia Pro Cleanse gently but effectively pulls out dirt, oil, and remnants of makeup, significantly diminishing pore appearance and enhancing skin texture. This tool is not just a pore extractor; it’s a gateway to refined and smooth skin.

Experience the epitome of luxury skincare with deep pore cleansing that tackles everything from stubborn blackheads to clogged pores.

Whether you’re in need of a pore cleaner tool, a nose blackhead remover, or an electric blackhead remover, Monsia Pro Cleanse is the answer.

Say goodbye to manual pore extraction with our advanced pore suction tool, and welcome the best blackhead remover vacuum into your life for a transformative facial experience.

Customer Results


In a consumer perception survey:

I’m amazed every single time I use this. The amount of gunk that it pulls out!


How To Use

Attach the preferred Treatment Tip securely onto the tool, ensuring the tab is positioned upward. Detach the Treatment Chamber (on the left) and fill it with concentrate up to the designated line. Add water to dilute. Activate the tool by pressing and holding the power button. Press the button again to initiate low suction mode, keep the skin taut, hold the tool upright, and glide it along damp skin until the Treatment Chamber is empty.

Suction Modes:
Skinsider Tips:


Verified Purchase

Love this tool. This makes my skin so soft and clear before any event.

Verified Purchase

I have a combination type skin, large pores, and some clogged pores on my nose. I use a top professional skincare line and makeup that is also non-comedogenic. I love the Pro Cleanse from Monsia, I see the pores on my nose being cleared of what little is left after cleansing. I feel confident that I am taking all possible actions to keep my skin clean, clear, and fresh. This is a new Saturday ritual.

Verified Purchase

I love how my skin feels after using the Monsia Pro Cleanser. My son loves it too!

Verified Purchase

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but I’m actually impressed with how my skin felt, even after the first use. It definitely helped unclog my pores, and my skin felt so soft. I think you’re only supposed to use it like once or twice a week. And I could easily see this becoming a part of a little weekly pamper session. It’s easy to use, with great results!

Verified Purchase

I love the way my face feels after using this tool. It feels very soft and plump.


We recommend using Pro Cleanse 1-2x a week. It is gentle enough to be used on low suction mode daily. Blue Light Treatment can be done daily for 4 minutes per target area.

You know your skin best! We recommend starting with low suction and working your way up to the medium and high settings.

You can use Pro Cleanse to help clarify your skin, you will want to use the LED Blue Light mode with the Clarifying Cap. Do not use the tool on open wounds and do not use the suction modes over active breakouts.

We recommend replacing your tips every 2-3 months.

We recommend skipping other AHAs, BHAs, PHAs on days you’re using Pro Cleanse as stacking multi-acid formulas mayirritate your skin.

Yes! You can skip the hydration facial and use the blue light with cap for a clarifying treatment anytime. We recommend spot treating for two minutes.

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