Los Angeles, CA — A research team in southern California has made a remarkable discovery that may finally offer a solution for the problem of loose, saggy skin.

Lead researcher Kristy Kelly has been overwhelmed by the response to their breakthrough. “We’re a small lab, and totally unprepared for this kind of press attention. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing for a week.”

At a press conference last Friday, Kelly and her team unveiled a surprisingly simple “treatment” which restores skin to a dramatically more youthful condition.

The solution targets a toxic protein which scientists have linked to thin, saggy skin — especially on the lower face, jawline, and neck.

“As we age, this toxin eats away at elasticity and firmness,” explained Mrs. Kelly. “But we found a way to help prevent this process which effectively lifts, firms, and tightens aging skin.”

The skincare professionals in the room were stunned by the results, especially when they learned that this solution does not require expensive surgical procedures.

In fact, this breakthrough is literally one-of-a-kind: a simple, at-home solution using scientifically-proven compounds to restore skin to a taut, smooth, and younger-looking state.

At one point in her presentation, Mrs. Kelly displayed a graph showing that one ingredient increased skin firmness and density in an astonishing 92% of users.

“But what’s really fascinating is that the combined results create a sculpting or ‘remodeling’ effect,” she added. “Generating a much younger appearance — as much as 5 to 7 years younger, in many cases.”

Reporters and researchers bombarded her with requests for more information on this sculpting solution. Mrs. Kelly announced that her team had produced a short video explaining how it works and how simple it is to use.

They released the video to the public later that afternoon, and over the weekend it hit the benchmark of a “viral video” in the US and Canada.

Based on the comments, the response has been exceedingly positive. One viewer remarked, “Very compelling video. I’m more than intrigued by the solution they offer and I’ll definitely try it for myself.”Kris

The video also sparked some controversy, especially within the community of cosmetic surgeons. As one dermatologist at the conference said, “This is definitely exciting new research. If it works as well as the evidence suggests, I can see why surgeons would be concerned — who wouldn’t prefer something simple, safe, and effective that can be used at home?”